Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool 10: Digital Citizenship

At the age level of our students, this concept is a little difficult. However, I believe teaching students how to properly care for and use devices is important when they first have access to them. Reinforcing this with students through the use of modeling appropriate use of technology is just as important. For example, when I first teach a student how to use the computer, we begin with the mouse and developing the skills to maneuver the mouse. During this time, I find something that is highly motivating for them to see while they learn this. For example, a video of Thomas The Train if they love Thomas. I teach them never to touch buttons during the time they use the computer that would shut it off etc as this seems to be a problem.

This is a concept I also share with the parents of my students. I allow them to see the level of learning they are at on any device and encourage them to model appropriate use at home if they have access to these devices.

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  1. I think the most important skill at your level is about not giving info to strangers. Great work.