Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool 8: Technology Devices

This year we received two ipads from Special Education. I love learning how to use the camera to record children's progress during a task and showing parents what their child is capable of. They loved to see the work in progress rather than just a simple discussion as it is difficult to portray exactly their skill level. I also loved learning how to search for all the apps my students can use as they all love the ipads.

We have not received other items from this list but this year, we are each getting a touch screen computer which I know the students will really enjoy. This will be especially helpful for those students who have difficulty using a mouse. Each of my students use the computer daily if they are able to and complete lessons using "Jacob's Lessons" and First Words.

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  1. Have you tried letting the kids video each other yet? I think that would be fun and interesting.